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    NE 36th

    Built new craftsman home with curved roof, large copper-covered roof braces.

    Scope of work:
    • Deconstruction of existing house and garage, saving as many materials as we could.
    • Discovered after demolition that the existing basement foundation was unreinforced and deteriorated so we excavated and replaced the foundation and gained another foot of headroom.
    • Framed and finished lovely custom craftsman house with hardwood floors, custom cabinetry and tile work, wood windows and skylights letting in lots of natural light.
    • Built a complete legal apartment in the basement with large windows and lots of cabinetry.
    • Sound control between apartment and house. RSIC clips, double 5/8 sheetrock and rock wool insulation.
    Design Team:

    Richard Stein Design, Kate Schuyler