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    We believe in building lasting relationships through high quality construction.

    Our Process

    We prefer to work together with our clients and their architects or designers from the very start of the process.

    Our trusted project managers, carpenters, and subcontractors work as a team along with the homeowner and the architect or designer to complete your project as envisioned. By getting involved early, we can have input for building in a cost-effective and efficient way. If you don’t have an architect or designer, we have many that we can recommend.

    We work with our customers on price planning and providing a preliminary cost estimate early in the planning phase. This is important, as costs influence design – a preliminary estimate is helpful to ensure money is not wasted designing things that never get built.

    After we agree on a rough budget for the project, the designs are refined, initial material selections made and construction costs are dialed in. If the designs are far enough along we bring in our trusted subcontractors for pricing on their work. Upon reviewing and agreeing on the scope of work, construction documents are drawn up, a final price is proposed, permits are submitted and the contract is signed. Now we work up a job schedule and start building!

    Remodeling Portland since 1987


    This a large portion of the work we do. Whether your project is a whole home renovation or a window replacement, your home will get our full attention and personal service. A tight schedule and budget control are hallmarks of our Company. We use the latest technology in air filters and dust containment tools to protect your home and family.

    Fine Finish Work

    Our Company’s foundation is built on our reputation for fine finish work. From trimming out an entire new home, to matching historic features and existing details, our carpenters pride themselves on the caliber of their woodworking.

    New Construction

    Our portfolio of work includes new homes and new multi-use commercial buildings. We can help you from site assessment to design through completion of your dream building. Our new structures incorporate many sustainable features and green building practices.

    Structural Upgrades

    Our team has extensive experience with seismic and structural upgrades, incorporating the latest materials and techniques on every project. From multi-story deck repairs to foundation replacements we can take care of any of your heavy or light structural projects. We welcome challenging sites and complex designs. Some of our favorite materials to work with include, insulated concrete forms, pin piles and structural steel.